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Standing Shoulder to Shoulder

We are Dedicated to Veterans, their Families and the Community

Welcome Back!

Our Hours

We are open from 10 am to 7 pm every day. Last call is at 6:30 pm

Dear Members:

We, the Executive, would like to welcome you back to ANAVets Unit 290. This has been a trying time for all, but we are open and we hope that you will stop by. Right now you must pick one spot to sit and wait for service. There is no at the Bar Service.

In order to keep you, our members and guests safe, as well as our volunteers, we have implemented a few changes:
1. We ask that every member/guest print their name in the sign in book as well as give a contact number that we can reach you at as this will give us a way to contact everyone if we need to in case of an emergency.
2. We ask that you run a tab instead of paying for each drink. This will allow our volunteer bartenders to only have to take money from you once each time you are in. We would prefer debit or credit but we will take cash.
3. We have marked exit and entrance doors for your use. Please abide by these doors.
4. We ask that only two people be at the bar. One being served and one waiting at the start of the bar. If these spots are taken, please wait your turn.
5. Please do not move the tables and chairs. We have set the room up to ensure physical distancing for everyone. If your group is large, please use two tables but do not move them together.
6. We ask that you return your glasses to the bus bins located near the end of the bar, and your bottles should be returned to the cases by the lottery machines.
7. Every table and chair will be sanitized when a group leaves and be ready for the next group to come in. If you are waiting for a specific table, please allow our Executive/Volunteer on Duty to sanitize the table before you sit down.
8. Washrooms: you may be asked to wait to use the bathroom as we will need to limit the number of people in the hallway and washrooms.
9. Hand sanitizing materials will be available by all doors, at the bar, in the hallway and by the washrooms. Please wash your hands often.
10. We will not be allowing anyone to sit or stand at the bar. This allows us to maintain the physical distancing that we need for the seats along the window and for people to drop off their dirty glasses.

Now, here is what you can do for your club:
1. If you have any questions, concerns or complaints, please take them to the Executive/Volunteer on Duty. If they cannot answer your questions, they will find the answer and get back to you. Do not go to the bartenders as they will be busy serving.
2. If you are feeling sick, have a runny nose, cough, fever or other illness, please stay home. We will ask anyone we feel is unwell to leave. We know that allergies, etc can bring on sneezing, so please take medication before you come out or you may have to go home.
3. If you would like to volunteer some of your time to assist us, please give your name to the Executive/Volunteer on Duty. We would love to have you join us.
4. We ask that you be kind, not only to others members, but to our volunteer staff, our volunteers that are giving their time to assist the Executive, the Executive and anyone else you encounter. They too are trying to enjoy a little time out after having been inside for so long.

Thank you,
The Executive of ANAVets Unit 290

our flag

A small service to honour our Veterans who served and paid the ultimate, during The Battle of The Atlantic. Lest We Forget
Here are links to the pictures and the news article written

Please see Below

We are following a Safety Plan. The link to it is below.
Please be aware that due to the size of this file it may take some time to load.

Keeping Us Safe

We have implemented a safety plan to restart our Karaoke. Just click on the link below
The Karaoke Safety Plan

Tuesday, May 19th, ANAVET's 290 held a small ceremony, at the Kamloops Airport, to honor Captain Jenn Casey. This was covered by our local news.
Captain Jenn Casey